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Powerful Enterprise Data
Management Platform
for your business

Lightweight and user-friendly Data Catalog and Data Governance
solution for a Google Cloud Platform-based Data Warehouse

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Kyrah facilitates Enterprise data management across your cloud data estate, data exploration, storage assets grouping, security policy enforcement and permissions management. It makes all changes transparent, secure and GDPR-compliant with its easily configurable and fully automated Change Request mechanism. And last, but not least, it offers full auditability of all events through Activity Log.


Data Market

Easily search and request access for storage assets using a convenient shopping cart

Storage Assets Manager

Manage BigQuery, Cloud Storage and Pub/Sub assets, and group them into Kyrah Storage Groups for easier permission management

Users and Groups

View users, groups and their permissions with the ability to edit user role and approver

Storage Map

Explore the organization's Cloud assets visually and understand the popularity of your data


Define categories to organize, tag your Storage Assets and define column level categories to control BigQuery access on columns

Policy Engine

Define strict rules and standards for Storage Assets and preview rule violations to easily fix them

Activity Log

Browse users activity


Manage identity synchronization settings, create Kyrah roles and manage their permissions, configure workflows for various Change Request types

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Google Cloud Integration

Kyrah synchronizes its state with Google Cloud through Google APIs using a service account. Whether your organization is new to GCP, or you already have some data assets, whether changes are made through Kyrah, or in GCP directly, all changes will immediately be reflected in Kyrah.

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